Two New Species Of Arizona Scorpion Discovered

 Two New Species Of Arizona Scorpion Discovered
Photo by Rich Ayrey

Arizona is home to a variety of different scorpion species, and amazingly, new species of scorpions are still being discovered today.

For some 50 years, there were only four different species of mountain scorpions that we knew about in the state of Arizona (about 50 overall types). Over the past few years though, the number of known mountain scorpion species in Arizona has more than doubled from four to ten. This is in large part to discoveries made in the isolated Sky Islands (Santa Catalina Mountains), near Tucson, AZ.

Two New Species Of Arizona Scorpion Discovered

An Arizona couple was camping in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson when they turned over a piece of bark. It’s about this time they knew they had found something unique, as they gazed down at a dark brown colored scorpion. It was a scorpion they had never seen before.

This new discovery comes just a short time after the same man, a Dr. Rich Ayrey, found a separate and new species of scorpion named Vaejovis brysoni in the same mountains. An avid outdoorsman and scorpion enthusiast, Dr. Ayrey has helped discover, catalogue, and name some five scorpion species.

The discovery of the two different species of scorpions came as a shock, because the two species were living in the same range. Most other scorpion species occupy their own ranges and are thought to be isolated.

Entomologists are shocked that new species of scorpion are being discovered so close to a metropolitan area, like Tucson. These new scorpion discoveries demonstrate just how little we really know about the creatures living in our own backyards.

The New Species of Mountain Scorpions

Each of the two new scorpion discoveries have different proportions and claws than other scorpions. The scorpions are dark brown in color, and are just shy of two inches in length (1.84). Female scorpions will carry her offspring, up to 24, on her back.

The newly discovered scorpions have not been tested for toxicity, but the venom of related mountain scorpions is generally mild, less painful than a bee sting.

Scorpion Control

While this discovery of a new species of scorpion in Arizona is exciting news, most homeowners are left with the sentiment,

“Just what we need…another type of scorpion.”

This sentiment comes from the very dangerous and very prominent Arizona Bark Scorpion; which is found throughout most of Arizona. These Bark Scorpions commonly inflict painful stings; some of which can cause unfortunate symptoms or reaction. Scorpions are not to be messed with. If you are seeing scorpions in or around your Arizona property, get professional scorpion control today!

Arizona Scorpion Control

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