Choosing the Right Bed Bug Control Service

300px Bedbug004 Choosing the Right Bed Bug Control Service

Bed bugs are not just a nuisance. They are a biting, blood sucking problem. When they infest your home, they can cause painful and itchy bites. If anyone in your home is allergic to their saliva, the results of the bites can be even more miserable. If you see signs of one or two bed bugs, this means there are actually thousands of the pests in your beds, bedding, clothing, window coverings, cracks, and crevices of your home. It is nearly impossible for you to fight bed bugs on your own. They will win. You need the help of a professional pest control company or you and your family will continue to suffer.

Just how do you find the right pest control service? You need to ensure that you choose one that knows how to properly treat and eliminate the bed bugs. Here are some things you will need to look for.

Things to Look for in a Pest Control Company

To begin with, you will need to start a search. This search should include looking for certain characteristics in a company. This will help you narrow the field to just a few options. The characteristics should include:

  • Specialize in Bed Bug Control
  • Licensed with the State Pesticide Regulatory Agency
  • Use Environmentally Friendly Control Options

It is extremely important to ensure that any pest control company you are choosing will be properly licensed to make use of pesticides. This is the only way to ensure that the company will use safe and proper methods of pesticide application in your home.

Things to Ask a Pest Control Company

Once you have narrowed down your options to just a few, then you will need to pick the right pest control company. It is extremely important that you are careful with this. The wrong company may do a subpar job and you may continue to have bed bug problems in the future. You certainly do not want to waste your money, time, or comfort because you chose the wrong company. Here are a few things to ask the companies you are considering.

  • Are you a member of local pest control organizations?
  • Are you a member of the National Pest Management Association?
  • What type of approach will you use to eliminate bed bugs in my home?
  • How long will it take to eliminate the bugs in my home?
  • Will I have to throw out my bedding or the mattresses in my home?
  • Will you provide me with an inspection report before you begin bed bug control?
  • Will you perform follow-ups to ensure the bed bugs are completely eliminated?
  • Will you use pesticides that are safe around my children and pets?
  • Will you quote a final price to me before we begin any bed bug elimination or control?
  • Are there things that could have an effect on the price you quoted me in the beginning?
  • Do you offer any other pest control services that I could package together and take care of all of my home’s pest issues?
  • How quickly can you come to my home for an inspection?

By asking the right questions, you can get the right answers to find a proper pest control company to deal with your bed bug problem. By choosing the right company in the first place, you can ensure that the bed bugs are eradicated as soon as possible. This is extremely important since those bugs are not just a pest. They are dangerous to your family as well as yourself.  With the information above, you should find it simple to choose the right pest control company right away.

Melissa Stewart is a writer for Dugas Pest Control offers pest management services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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