The Different Species of Cockroaches Living in Arizona

Most of the World’s cockroaches live in far away areas like the tropics. Despite having the majority of cockroaches living in these far away areas, Mesa, AZ is still home to three different cockroach species. If you’ve ever experienced them in your home, then you know they can be a very irritating, hard to control pest. The three species of Arizona cockroaches are:

300px American cockroach mirror The Different Species of Cockroaches Living in Arizona

American Cockroach

These cockroaches are a brownish red and can measure up to two inches long. These buggers are larger and more homely in appearance when compared to the other species of Arizona cockroaches. Despite their more menacing appearance, they are not as much of a nuisance.

American cockroaches just vacation in your home for a short time. They stop by to grab a quick bite to eat. They then leave to live and mate somewhere else.

American cockroaches love hot, humid areas. They live in sewers, basements, storage rooms and garbage areas. These cockroaches can go three months with no food and a full month with no water.

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German Cockroach

The German cockroach is infamous! They are the most-frequent home invaders. When they invade, they set up house. They live, eat and mate under the same roof with you. They love bathrooms and kitchens because of their easy access to water and their favorite foods.

German cockroaches will eat just about anything. They are light brown in color, and are much smaller then the American cockroach, measuring only about ½ of an inch to ¾ of an inch long. These tiny pests have masses of children with one female laying well over 2,000 eggs in a calendar year. That makes for a lot of possible home invaders!

turkestanroachpic The Different Species of Cockroaches Living in ArizonaTurkestan Cockroach

Turkestan cockroaches are smaller and a little darker than the American roach. They prefer to live outside rather than in your homes and sewers. You will find then in leaf piles, flower beds, under rocks and in sprinkler control or water meter boxes.

These roaches are not as much of a health risk compared to American or German cockroaches and have one major trait most of us find annoying. They fly!

Controlling Mesa Roaches

The city of Mesa, AZ will coat the underneath of its 8,000 manholes with a latex based insecticide every couple of years. This insecticide helps tremendously in keeping the roach populations under control. On the other hand, Mesa City is only in charge of the community’s sewers. It is the citizens of Mesa who are responsible for keeping roaches out of their homes and properties.

If you are a Mesa resident, and are having cockroach problems, contact a local exterminator today!

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