Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

It’s no surprise that anyone looking for adventure should certainly consider America first and foremost as thanks to the country’s 50 separate states there’s something for everyone no matter what you’re into.

White-water-rafting, mountain biking, desert trekking, you name it and the USA has got the lot and even if you fancy a few urban adventures then you’ll find some of the finest cities in the world where you can really go wild and have a truly exciting time.

For most people, having an adventure means being outdoors and in this particular article I’d like to concentrate on Arizona and present some spectacular landscapes and locations where simply being there is pretty much as exciting as it gets.

The Grand Canyon

Hike Grand Canyon 1024x682 Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This is one of the most recognized landmarks in the whole world and no adventure trip to Arizona is complete without exploring the Grand Canyon. Trekking round the South Rim, white-water rafting on the Colorado River and even helicopter flights all add to the excitement value and stepping out onto the Skywalk will no doubt test your nerves to the max.

Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater Flagstaff Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

Located around an hour’s drive from Flagstaff, the Meteor Crater measures around a mile across and if you’re looking for a completely unique outdoor experience in Arizona then look no further. A fantastic interactive visitor center and museum explains more about this amazing hole in the ground and guided tours will take you closer to the stars than you ever thought possible.

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This incredible reservoir can be found along the Arizona border with California and presents almost 20,000 acres of surface water as well as the original London Bridge which was shipped over in the 60′s. Fishing, boating, kayaking and jet-skiing are all possible and retiring to Lake Havasu City for your evening meal is the best way to conclude a perfect day outdoors in Arizona.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain 1024x682 Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

There are no prizes for guessing how Camelback got its name but if you’re looking for a spot of hiking or mountain climbing then you’ll find almost 3000 feet of granite and sandstone to enable you to do both in abundance. Located in Phoenix and promising two excellent hiking trails (Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail) Camelback is heaven on earth for outdoor adventure lovers.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

Situated in the south of the state and containing no end of sand dunes, mountain slopes and untold cacti, Saguaro is exactly what you’re after if you’re exploring Arizona for adventures. With over 150 miles of trekking trail as well as some quintessential images at dusk, this is indeed one of the top places to get away from it all and spend a night under the stars or day under the beating sun.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This fold of the Colorado River can be found near the town of Page and hardly any time at all from the likes of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. If you’re into your natural photography then prepare to be amazed as a trekking trip will take you to the top of a sheer cliff face where the immensity of the Bend can be seen in all its glory.

Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona 

Situated some 7 miles or so from Sedona, within the boundaries of Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park is one of the most visited attractions in Arizona and well-worth your time if you’re in the area. Although the hiking trails aren’t exactly long they do contain some more than impressive views and if you’re in the mood for cider then you’ll find a fully working apple orchard right on site.

Fossil Creek

5186573308 8d36de37dd Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This ever-flowing stream can be found near the community of Strawberry in Gila County and is home to many examples of Arizona’s endangered species of animal and plant life. Thanks to the creek’s warm waters, this is an ideal location to take a dip after a hike and there are even a couple of small waterfalls adding to the allure of this awesome outdoor adventure in Arizona.



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Bug Movies From The Twenty-First Century

Bugs have long been the culprits of horror flicks, and for good reason: most people find insects to not only be creepy and crawly, but absolutely terrifying. The 1950s and ’60s saw a slew of B-flicks featuring gigantic bugs as evil monsters that trampled through countless American towns, as horror flicks (and B-flicks in particular) soared in popularity. The 1980s saw a revival of the bug-themed B-flicks, with movies like The Fly and Tremors becoming box-office hits. But did you know that bugs continue to play the villain’s role in modern horror movies? Below is a list of five horror movies from the 21st century featuring monstrous insects that will – literally – make your skin crawl.

1. Dragon Wasps


dragon wasps chelsea films british uk dvd1 Bug Movies From The Twenty First Century

When a scientist’s father goes missing, she enlists the help of the US Army to search for him deep in the Belizean jungle. What ensues is conflict with a strange guerrilla army controlled by a mysterious and mystical warlord and… giant, mutant wasps. That have a thirst for blood. To protect themselves, the protagonists rub themselves with coca leaves –and thereby experiencing the “effects” of it – as well as use blocks of cocaine as explosives. Made in 2012, this movie is one of the most recent of the bug B-flicks.

2. They Nest


51Q2Z7TCKXL Bug Movies From The Twenty First Century

Also known as Creepy Crawlers when it was released in the year 2000, this movie tells the story of how a Maine island becomes infested with rare, lethal cockroaches which bear strange pincers that enable them to eat their victims from the inside out. A doctor who recently moved to the island from the city must battle the bugs, while trying to convince the local folk to believe him. Although only rated PG13, this movie is pretty disturbing and is not for the squeamish.

3. Mansquito


Monsquito Man DVD Cover Bug Movies From The Twenty First Century

Also known as Mosquito Man, this 2005 flick follows the story of a convicted murderer who transforms into a mutant mosquito after a DNA experiment with a scientist goes awry. The “mansquito” goes on a killing spree which leaves his victims sucked dry and soon – horror of horrors! – the lead female scientist – who happens to be romantically involved with the cop who originally arrested the convict and is the only person smart enough to solve the case – starts to transform into a mosquito herself!

4. Ice Spiders


51MZXC9bbcL Bug Movies From The Twenty First Century

This 2007 flick stars Vanessa Williams and Patrick Muldoon, in a horrifying tale of a government experiment gone awry. When a ski team arrives at the Lost Mountain Ski Resort to train for the Olympics, they are thrilled that a retired Olympic skier is going to help them train – until a local scientist arrives with the news that giant spiders – which have been produced by a top secret government project – have escaped, and are devouring everything in sight. Snow, ungodly webs, and Olympic hopefuls battling horrible humongous CGI spiders –what could be better?

5. Mongolian Death Worm


4035518373 7e0dc7c15a Bug Movies From The Twenty First Century

This made-for-TV movie from 2010 starring Sean Patrick Flanery tells the story of an American oil company that awakens a nest of deadly “death worms” when they set up an experimental drilling facility in the deserts of Mongolia. Of course, the creatures breed and spread, devouring everyone who crosses their path. Only one man can stop them – an adventurer and treasure hunter who has dedicated his life to seeking a legendary tomb that is fabled to be protected by the horrendous Death Worms. The hero faces a major dilemma: he knows in his heart he must kill the Death Worms, but doing so would destroy his life’s work. Of course, not destroying the worms could lead to the worms destroying him! What to do, what to do?

Bad acting, bad special effects and geographically inaccurate scenery makes for a splendid time for those who enjoy low-budget flicks, which is exactly what “Mongolian Death Worm” is.

While these movies were all made for TV, it’s simply because the days of watching B-flicks starring giant mutant bugs at the drive-in have passed us by. Still, who says we can’t continue to watch –and enjoy – some hokey bug flicks?

About the author: Chris is a blogger for a Jersey City Pest Control company. Chris used to enjoy interesting and quirky movies but now that he has children he sticks to Disney and Pixar films.

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Arizona Bedbug Laws

Close Up Bedbug 300x225 Arizona Bedbug Laws

The State of Arizona has been a hotbed for bedbugs the past few years. Vacationers coming to the valley of the sun are encountering them in their hotels. Dorms on campuses like Arizona State University have had infestations, as have apartment complexes, homes, and even movie theaters. Yuck! These encounters are unfortunate, and leave victims with painful bites. Bedbug infestations are also extremely difficult to eliminate. With this bedbug epidemic; travelers, homeowners, landlords, and tenants should no what the bedbug laws are in the State of Arizona.

Arizona Bedbug Laws

In the United States, 22 of the 50 states have laws that specifically mention bedbugs. Arizona has four of these laws. They are as follows:

  • Arizona Revised Code 36-601 – Public Nuisances Dangerous to Public Health.

Any place that offers sleeping accommodations, and has bedbugs, is a public nuisance and dangerous to human health.

  • Arizona Revised Code 9-500.31 Prohibition on adopting landlord tenant bedbug control requirements.

Arizona cities/town cannot regulate landlord-tenant bedbug controls. They can regulate disposal of bedbug infested materials.

  • Arizona Revised Code 11-269.11 Prohibition on adopting landlord tenant bedbug control requirements.

Boards of Supervisors cannot regulate landlord-tenant bedbug controls. They can regulate disposal of bedbug infested materials.

  • Arizona Revised Code 33-1319 Bedbug control; landlord and tenant obligations; definitions.

A landlord cannot knowingly rent a bedbug infested property to a tenant, and must provide tenants with bedbug literature.


Hire A Bedbug Attorney

The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes, and is not intended as professional legal advice. The above listed laws are current as of 4/2013, but can change. If you are a property manager, landlord, tenant, or traveler who has had an unfortunate battle with bedbugs, hire an attorney who specializes in bedbug cases.

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Get Arizona Pest Control

Not all bedbug prevention measures work, and not all pest control companies are created equal. Find a company that knows how to deal with bedbugs specifically. Do not battle bedbugs alone; doing so can make the infestation much worse.

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Mesa Hospital Allegedly Has Bedbugs

Mesa Hospital With Alleged Bedbug Infestation

Tiny and horrifying…Were talking about bedbugs and the shocking place one valley couple said they found an infestation. Not a hotel or home, but an East Valley Hospital. Definitely not something you want to find in a place that’s supposed to be sterile and clean.

Hospital officials at the Mountain Vista Medical Center are on high alert after a possible bedbug infestation was reported by a patient and his wife. They were notified after Kathy Troutt, featured in the above video, told them she was bitten by the bugs.

Mrs. Troutt claims to have found the bedbugs inside the arms of the hospital room guest chair while she was spending the night waiting for her husband to recover from surgery. When she saw the bugs, she immediately notified the hospital staff and snapped a picture. The room with the alleged bedbugs was cleaned and quarantined according to the news report from AZCentral.

Troutt is adamant that she didn’t have bedbugs in her clothes, and that she did not bring them in to the hospital. When Trout was asked if she may have brought the bedbugs in by accident she said, “I’m certain that these did not come from me.”

The Mountain Vista CEO released the following statement:

“Our hospital follows rigorous protocols regarding pest control. If an issue is brought to our attention, it is dealt with promptly and effectively.”

Update From Arlin Troutt On Yelp:

300px Bedbug004 Mesa Hospital Allegedly Has Bedbugs
bedbug (Cimex sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bedbug infestations are on the rise. These bloodsucking pests can be found in homes, apartments, dorms, hotels, motels, and now hospitals. International travel and immigration have probably contributed to the resurgence of bedbugs in the United States. This increase has led to many bedbug laws and legislature to help combat these tiny bloodsuckers.

Bedbugs are a parasitic insect that feed exclusively on blood. Their bites cause itchiness, redness, and irritation. Bedbug bite symptoms can take several says to dissipate. Bedbugs are reddish-brown in color, and look much like a flattened apple seed.

If you are experiencing bedbug problems, get pest control!

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Sleeping With The Enemy – Bed Bugs

300px Bed bug nymph%2C Cimex lectularius Sleeping With The Enemy   Bed Bugs
A bed bug nymph feeding on host (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Good night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Everyone has heard this line at least once in their lifetime; however, most of us have never truly been in contact with the little buggers and therefore just brush off the comment as an obligatory gesture if nothing more. However, that may not be the case, as studies show that the bed bugs, which were previously almost eradicated during the 1940s, are making a large comeback.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They are very small and mostly nocturnal and are capable of feeding on their host without being noticed. They feed by piercing the skin with their elongated mouthparts that normally fold under their body when at rest but fully extend during feeding. The name “bed bug” came from the insect’s preferred habitat of houses and especially areas where people sleep. A number of adverse health effects may occur due to bed bug bites, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms.  However it can be difficult to tell if it was actually a bed bug that bit you and this is important to know if you actually have bed bugs, before jumping to conclusions


Being able to identify bed bug bites from other parasitic creatures can be an extremely hard task. Because of the red bumps and the itchy sensation people often mistake these bites for mosquitoes bites instead. The only way you really can confirm bed bugs are the cause is to find the bugs in your bedroom. Bed bugs can be detected by their characteristic smell of raspberries.

A new form of detection is through the use of bed bug detection dogs. These dogs are trained to pinpoint infestations, with a high accuracy rating based upon controlled experiments. Sadly, however, the success rates in these tests may not reflect real world success rate of a pest companies’ dog, because of the multiple variables in the field. Dog detection can often occur in minutes where a pest control practitioner might take an hour. In the United States, about 100 dogs are used to find bed bugs by 2009.


5880870316 1d6e6de6db m Sleeping With The Enemy   Bed Bugs
Bed Bug (Photo credit: stephenccwu)

Getting rid of bed bugs is an arduous task. You must not only remove the bed bugs but treat the infected area as well as continuously monitoring the area to ensure bed bugs do not return. The eradication of bed bugs frequently requires a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches such as vacuuming, washing bedding at a high temperature, using steam or heat treatment, and sealing up hiding places along with increased sanitation and habitat modification. Some people think that insecticides are not recommended for dealing with these pests, for two reasons: one is that few active ingredients are federally registered for bed bugs for over-the-counter use and the other is resistance among bed bug populations is becoming common. The truth, however, is that professional bed bug control products can be purchased online.

Another proven method of dealing with these bed invaders, if you are willing to deal with it, is through the use of natural predators. There are many other types of bugs that feed on bedbugs, however allowing them into your home may lead to another problem and therefore is not very practical for eliminating bed bugs from human dwellings.


Sarah Brookes is a home improvement blogger from Chicago that frequently writes about pest control problems, like bed bug infestations. She also writes about other areas of home improvement from finding the best alarm clocks, to the most reliable home security systems.

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Is it a spider? Is it a scorpion? What is it?

300px Paraphrynus sobre el m%C3%A1rmol Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?

Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?

These were a few questions I found myself asking last week when an elusive Tailless Whip Scorpion made its way into the office. One of the technicians was out on a service job when he caught the mysterious arachnid and brought it in for further observation. It currently sets in a terrarium on my boss’s desk where we feed it crickets and watch how it behaves behaviors.

As my boss let the Whip Scorpion crawl up and down his arm during while being interviewed by a local news station, I wondered to myself, “What exactly is a Tailless Whip Scorpion?” and “Are they Safe?”

What Is It?

Most of us here in Mesa, AZ are well versed in most arachnids. We encounter spiders and scorpions all the time. One arachnid we rarely come across is the less famous Tailless Whip Scorpion. They are common in the southwest United States, and parts of northern Mexico. These Tailless Whip Scorpions walk sideways on their six legs, and are very good climbers. They lack the rear stinger that most of us Arizonans have grown a custom to on the scorpions we regularly see. They do have pedipalps, or pinchers, that they use to capture their prey. Like other spiders and scorpions, Whip Scorpions dine primarily on other insects.

Are They Safe?

Tailless Whip Scorpions are safe to humans. They can use their pedipalps to defend themselves if needed, but rarely ever feel threatened. If you can get past their disturbing appearance, they are actually safe to hold and touch. They are non-venomous, but can spray an acidic enzyme that is primarily used to stun its prey.

Other Scorpions ARE Dangerous!

300px ScorpionBarb Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?
English: Closeup (macrograph) of the barb of an Arizona Bark Scorpion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unlike the Tailless Whip Scorpion, other types of scorpions found here in Arizona should be considered very dangerous. If you are finding these scorpions in and around your property, contact a local pest control professional today!

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