Tim Hightower Races Beanie Wells In 40 Yard Dash

I’m not exactly familiar with all the drills and activities that happen in the NFL.  Maybe a few, but not all.  So I really have to wonder just how common it is that players would have an interest in the 40 yard dash right before a game.  I know this is an important measurement in places like the Scouting Combine for upcoming rookies.  But right before a week 14 regular season game?  And someone who is already a starter? Wouldn’t they be scared of pulling a hammy?!?

One of our esteemed employees here at Bulwark has the occasional weekend gig of working at the Arizona Cardinals’ home games.  He helps with the equipment before and after the game, and during game combs one of the team areas, collecting cups and towels.

Our colleague, who shall remain nameless, brilliantly captured this never before seen footage of Tim Hightower racing teammate Chris “Beanie” Wells in the “40″ before their game last Sunday vs. the Broncos.  Any debate as to who the starter for the Cardinals should be is answered right here. Remember, you saw it here first!

And thanks to our high school videographer for editing and posting it on his YouTube channel.

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