How To Get Rid Of Wasps In Your Yard

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One of the biggest pains when you want to make the most of spending time in your garden or around your pool can often be the presence of wasps. Wasps are unusual creatures in that unlike bees, they can be very aggressive because stinging something doesn’t cause them to die, and they can sting multiple times. This can make them quite a nuisance, and they tend to be prolific breeders in even cooler countries during the summer, so unlike other dangerous animals like tarantulas, scorpions and snakes, you aren’t safe from them even in places like Toronto or London! While the sting of a single wasp is only life threatening if you have an allergy, it can be extremely painful even if you aren’t allergic, and if you are attacked by a swarm it can be very dangerous even if you aren’t sensitive to the venom. For this reason, if you see a wasp nest or suspect there might be one somewhere on your property, it is important to deal with it.

Wasps only use their nests for one season and don’t return to them after their winter hibernation period. However, they can really spoil your outdoor time in summer and can also threaten the health of your family; or at the very least cause a very painful sting, means it is usually best to dispose of them.

Do Any Signs of Wasps Mean You Have a Nest?

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Interestingly, while most animals are either social or lone, wasps come in both varieties. You get some wasps who live alone in solitary nests, which can be in plants or even in holes underground, and others who live communally in nests they form out of paper mixed with their saliva over time. Solitary wasps can be an annoyance, and can sting just as badly as social wasps; but they will not bring lots of friends with them, and their habitats won’t cause you any issues. Wasps living in communal nests, however, can be a very big problem if their home is in your garden, loft or the eaves of your house (all common places where wasps develop communities).

How to Dispose of a Wasp Nest

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To kill the wasps in your nest you need to use quite potent pesticides, designed to kill wasps specifically. If you use the wrong kind of poison, like ones used for cockroaches or spiders, you will just end up with some very angry wasps buzzing around; and that is never good! You also have to watch the nest and assess the best way to approach it and withdraw from it based on how the wasps access the nest. If you are not confident about doing this and don’t have suitable clothes to wear, it is generally better just to call a professional pest control company who will take the wasps out for you and remove the remaining nest. They will also be able to make sure that all of the specimens have been killed so you aren’t left with homeless wasps parading your garden!

Ryan Hall, the author of this post, has years of extensive experience in pest and wildlife control and this becomes quite apparent through his blogs. He works at SWAT Wildlife, a renowned pest control company in Toronto. His hobbies include surfing and bowling. Log on to to know more about his company.

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Thief Steals Van- Finds It Filled With Scorpions, Spiders, & Creepy Crawlies

Stolen Van Filled With Scorpions, Spiders, and Other Creepy Crawlies

7469094786 2e4b15714e Thief Steals Van  Finds It Filled With Scorpions, Spiders, & Creepy CrawliesA car thief accurately proved the old adage of “what goes around, comes around,” when he stole a van and found it full of scorpions, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

An Arizona man, known as Wild-man Phil (pictured on the left), travels across the country visiting birthday parties, elementary schools, and churches putting on a show with all sorts of cool and interesting bugs and reptiles.

While traveling to a Colorado show, the entertainer stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up supplies. In order to keep the reptiles and other creepy crawly things warm and healthy, he needed to keep the van’s heat running while in the store. That proved to be an unfortunate mistake, because when he came back out, his vehicle was gone!

Inside the van there were three scorpions, and a tarantula. Wild man Phil also had all of his personal belongings stolen, along with a tortoise, rattlesnake, python, and other various lizards, and non-venomous snakes.

Englewood, Colorado police are looking for Wild man Phil’s van; a 1999 blue GMC van, with an Arizona License plate of TEDDIJO.

300px ScorpionBarb Thief Steals Van  Finds It Filled With Scorpions, Spiders, & Creepy Crawlies

Spider, Scorpion, and Snake Karma?

Imagine the reaction the thief must have had as he opened the grey tubs that where holding the spiders, scorpions, and snakes. I bet he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into. While the thief was likely expecting a bin full of valuables, like tools or even a laptop, what he got was a deadly rattlesnake and stinging scorpions. Instead of Snakes on a Plane, we have Snakes in a Van!

I wonder if he got bit… Now that would be Karma!

Spider and Scorpion Control

While most of us are hoping this thief gets what he or she deserves, we all shutter at the thought of having scorpions and spiders in our homes, and heaven forbid, in our cars. If you are a Mesa, AZ resident, you can find scorpions in your home, and a few have even made their way into cars. Don’t be one of the people who gets stung by a scorpion. Scorpion stings are painful! Get Mesa scorpion control today!

Spider and Scorpion Control in Mesa

Bulwark Exterminating
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Mesa, AZ 85204
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Bulwark Exterminating
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Peoria, AZ 85345
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Pest Control and Snakes – The Extra Mile

snakes water moccasins 300x225 Pest Control and Snakes   The Extra Mile
Pest Control Catches Deadly Snakes - Water Moccasins

When pest control company has a customer complain about snakes or other rodents that they don’t cover they usually just offer a referral to a local wildlife removal service. But when this Austin Texas Pest Control customer asked for help a certain technician was willing to think outside the box a little and offer a very simple method to help protect the home from snakes. And not just any snakes, water moccasins! A common and deadly snake in Texas.

Sure pest control companies shouldn’t guarantee against snakes and they should leave heavy problems to the pros, but a little extra service could go a long way with customers.  Get more tips on how to take care of snakes.

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