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Pest Control and Snakes – The Extra Mile

snakes water moccasins 300x225 Pest Control and Snakes   The Extra Mile

Pest Control Catches Deadly Snakes - Water Moccasins

When pest control company has a customer complain about snakes or other rodents that they don’t cover they usually just offer a referral to a local wildlife removal service. But when this Austin Texas Pest Control customer asked for help a certain technician was willing to think outside the box a little and offer a very simple method to help protect the home from snakes. And not just any snakes, water moccasins! A common and deadly snake in Texas.

Sure pest control companies shouldn’t guarantee against snakes and they should leave heavy problems to the pros, but a little extra service could go a long way with customers.  Get more tips on how to take care of snakes.

San Diego CA – Quality Pest Control

San Diego Pest Control Service-  Way to go on providing quality pest control service!

Need San Diego Pest Control Service? Try Hearts!

View Pest Control San Diego

From Mesa AZ pest control to San Diego Bug Control. We provide great bug info and recommended exterminators.

“The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.”

Have you ever heard the Bulwark Exterminating objective?

Bulwark‘s Objective:

“The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.”

How is Bulwark doing? Google ranks us #1 for that search, so it seems that we get their vote. Thanks Google!

I for one was not a believer when I first worked for Bulwark, but you can count my vote too!

If your not a believer then try them out. Maybe you will join the ranks of 94% of customers that say they would recommend bulwark’s pest control service to friends and family!

94% Recommended. 100% Guaranteed.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather hire a company with that kind of aspiration over someone who settles for mediocrity?

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