Mesa Hospital Allegedly Has Bedbugs

Mesa Hospital With Alleged Bedbug Infestation

Tiny and horrifying…Were talking about bedbugs and the shocking place one valley couple said they found an infestation. Not a hotel or home, but an East Valley Hospital. Definitely not something you want to find in a place that’s supposed to be sterile and clean.

Hospital officials at the Mountain Vista Medical Center are on high alert after a possible bedbug infestation was reported by a patient and his wife. They were notified after Kathy Troutt, featured in the above video, told them she was bitten by the bugs.

Mrs. Troutt claims to have found the bedbugs inside the arms of the hospital room guest chair while she was spending the night waiting for her husband to recover from surgery. When she saw the bugs, she immediately notified the hospital staff and snapped a picture. The room with the alleged bedbugs was cleaned and quarantined according to the news report from AZCentral.

Troutt is adamant that she didn’t have bedbugs in her clothes, and that she did not bring them in to the hospital. When Trout was asked if she may have brought the bedbugs in by accident she said, “I’m certain that these did not come from me.”

The Mountain Vista CEO released the following statement:

“Our hospital follows rigorous protocols regarding pest control. If an issue is brought to our attention, it is dealt with promptly and effectively.”

Update From Arlin Troutt On Yelp:

300px Bedbug004 Mesa Hospital Allegedly Has Bedbugs
bedbug (Cimex sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bedbug infestations are on the rise. These bloodsucking pests can be found in homes, apartments, dorms, hotels, motels, and now hospitals. International travel and immigration have probably contributed to the resurgence of bedbugs in the United States. This increase has led to many bedbug laws and legislature to help combat these tiny bloodsuckers.

Bedbugs are a parasitic insect that feed exclusively on blood. Their bites cause itchiness, redness, and irritation. Bedbug bite symptoms can take several says to dissipate. Bedbugs are reddish-brown in color, and look much like a flattened apple seed.

If you are experiencing bedbug problems, get pest control!

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Scorpion Sting Leaves Arizona Woman With Massive $83,000 Bill

4027727760 79022e6e92 m Scorpion Sting Leaves Arizona Woman With Massive $83,000 Bill
Escorpión del Desierto (Hadrurus arizonensis) (Photo credit: Landahlauts)

Imagine being in your garage, opening a box of air conditioner filters, when you are suddenly stung by a scorpion—and that’s not even the worst part!

A 52 year old Ahwatukee, AZ woman felt a razor-sharp prick on her abdomen, but the worst sting came several months later when she opened the $83,000 hospital bill.


After the sting, Marcie Edmonds started experiencing typical scorpion sting symptoms:

  • Mild tingling and burning sensation
  • Blurry vision
  • Throat tightness
  • Darting eyes
  • Tense muscles
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty walking

Scorpion Antivenom

Shortly after experiencing all of the agonizing symptoms of the scorpion’s sting, Edmonds called Poison Control which directed her to the emergency room at Chandler Regional Medical Center. She was educated about scorpion sting treatments, like the antivenom Anascorp, which could quickly relieve her symptoms. She was given the Anascorp, through IV, in two doses then was released from the hospital.

A Shock in the Mail

Several weeks after the scorpion sting, Marcie Edmonds was figuratively stung by a massive hospital bill she received in the mail that totaled $83,046. The two Anascorp doses, billed at $39,652 a piece, were partly covered by her insurer Humana. Edmonds was held financially accountable for the remaining $25,537, and said the physician never mentioned the cost of the drug or any possible treatment alternatives.

Pricey Antivenom Markup

The Arizona Republic reports that scorpion antivenom distributors charge about $3,500 per dose. A valley-wide hospital poll found that the scorpion antivenom charges range from $7,900-$12,467. Pharmacies in Mexico only charge around $100, which has left many of us wondering, especially Marcie Edmonds, why hospitals are charging so much.

Scorpion Control

Scorpion control is a necessity for those living in Mesa, Arizona. Professionals offer year round treatments for an approximate cost of $400. Doing the math in my head, Mrs. Edmonds could have possibly saved herself $82,600 and steered clear of this nightmare altogether, if she solicited the help of an experienced exterminator.

Avoid costly hospital visits caused by scorpion stings by contacting a scorpion control professional today!

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