3 Tips For Exterminating Pests Yourself

 3 Tips For Exterminating Pests Yourself
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3 Tips For Exterminating Pests Yourself 

If you have ever seen a bunch of ants in your home or a couple cockroaches you probably thought to yourself that you would be able to take care of the problem all on your own.  Having an exterminator come to your home to get rid of the bugs that have decided to live alongside you is a cost that you do not enjoy writing a check for at the end of the day.  You would rather have spent that money on something for yourself.

Why do bugs that are so much smaller than me need a professional to get them out of my house?  Since I am so much bigger, shouldn’t I be able to get rid of them myself?

The Tips

Here are three tips to finally rid your home of the bugs on your own:

1)      Home improvement stores have many options for pest control.  They usually have entire sections of their stores devoted to it.  If you have ants, buy an ant trap.  If you have cockroaches, buy some cockroach spray.  Home improvement stores will usually have pest control for almost any pest you have in your home as well.  They even have a bed bug spray.

2)      Pests cannot survive unless they have food and water just like us!  You need to keep a tight watch on all of the food in your home in order to stop the number of pests from expanding.  Keeping a keen eye on your box of Cheez-Its could be the answer to your pest problem.  It will take much longer to rid your home of pests through this method but it always works.  Unless you have termites because those guys are actually eating your home.

3)      Use your vacuum instead of your hands.  Instead of using your hands to try and pick up all of the darn bugs you should expedite the process by using your vacuum.  Using your vacuum will also catch the pests in a nice container that you can dispose of easily.

Saving Dough

These three tips to save you money with the exterminator are very useful, but for termites you need to hire a professional.  There’s just too many of them in a colony and they are eating away at the structural integrity of your house.  For the common household pests you can definitely vacuum them right up and throw them out with the trash.

If you have any questions about exterminating the pests, you can call any good, upstanding pest control company to try and solve the problem on your own before you need to lay down money for them.  If they help you once then you are likely to call them again if you really do need their services.  So you asking them a pest control question to save yourself money is just building their client list.

There is a limit to how much you can take care of by yourself at home.  The professionals make a living for a reason.  But the professionals also charge you a premium price for their services.  Use these three tips the next time you have a pest problem to keep your wallet nice and fat.

Maybe if the exterminator does have to come to your house to take care of your pest problem you will be able to cut him a deal.  There is never any shame in asking about one either.

By Brian Connor

Brian has written for many home improvement and home restoration blogs.  He wants to keep people informed about how they can go about exterminating pests the correct way.  Visit beelinepestcontroldenver.com for more information.

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Pest Control Mesa Wishing You Happy Holidays

6563827825 29518923f0 m Pest Control Mesa Wishing You Happy Holidays
Mesa Arizona Christmas Lights (Photo credit: jerryfergusonphotography)

Christmas Checklist

I can’t believe it; Christmas is just around the corner! There is so much to be done before the big day. Many of us will be trying to do some last minute shopping to find that perfect gift for a family or loved one. We’ll be scurrying to mail those last few Christmas cards. While we’re decking the halls, checking out the lights at the Mesa Temple, and baking all those Christmas goodies, it’s easy to overlook one important necessity… The pest control. Unwanted pests can easily turn a very joyful holiday season into one of misery.

Make Sure Your Christmas Is Pest Free

Pest control professionals in Mesa, AZ can assist in making your Christmas great and of course pest free. With the cooler winter months finally here in Mesa, pests will make their way inside your home looking for places to overwinter. Spiders and silverfish are especially common invaders this time of year.

If you live in the Mesa, AZ area, and are having trouble with silverfish, spiders, or pantry pests like the Meal Moth or Sawtooth Grain Beetle, call a Mesa pest control specialist before your family and friends arrive for Christmas! Don’t let those pesky pantry pests spoil your Christmas dinner!

Merry Christmas

Pest Control Mesa, AZ would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy this special time of year with your loved ones, and reflect on everything in your life that is truly important.

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