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What Are The Top 3 Most Common Pests in Arizona?

I was pleased to sit down with a couple of the pest control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating recently, and talk candidly about the pest situation here in the Valley. I was interested to know what the most common pests are here in Arizona… The pests that are most frequently called about.

Here are the top 3 most called about pests in Arizona, according to Bulwark Pest Control Mesa:

3. Fire Ants

Fire Ant Sign What Are The Top 3 Most Common Pests in Arizona?

They’re red, they’re nasty, and in Arizona they have stung approximately 40 percent of the State’s population. I’m talking of course about the Red Imported Fire ant. These ants are known for their destructive mound building, and their painful stings which are unleashed whenever one of their huge ant mounds is threatened. Once stung, a victim will display painful red welts that rise above the skin and eventually blister. It’s because of these painful stings; Arizona residents want no part of the Fire ant and call Bulwark Exterminating in Mesa for professional Fire ant control.

2. Black Widows

Black Widow Spider In Web What Are The Top 3 Most Common Pests in Arizona?

Almost 99 percent of all spiders found in Arizona are harmless. One of the spiders that make up the remaining one percent is the Black Widow spider. Her appearance is unmistakable; with her large glossy black abdomen, and of course her bright red hour glass that warn everybody to keep their distance. Black Widows will only bite when provoked, and will likely run away when confronted. Despite this behavior, Arizona resident’s take know chances when it comes to this spider. Perhaps it’s her painful and dangerous bite that has residents calling Bulwark Exterminating in Mesa for professional spider control.

1. Arizona Bark Scorpion

Scorpion What Are The Top 3 Most Common Pests in Arizona?

The number one called about pest in Arizona, is without a doubt, the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Most Arizona residents are able to put up with a few cockroaches or crickets running around their home, but not scorpions. If you live in Arizona long enough, there’s a really high probability that you will be stung by a scorpion at some point. Anybody that has ever been stung does not want to ever go through that experience ever again. To avoid scorpion stings, it’s advised that professional scorpion control actions be taken. Arizona residents know this, and that is why scorpions are the most frequently called about pest.

Mesa Pest Control

If you are tired of seeing Fire ants, Black Widow spiders, Bark scorpions, or any other pest inside your home or on your property, it is time to do something about. Call or click a Mesa pest control professional today.

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Mesa Monsoons Bring Out The Creepy Crawlers



The end of Arizona’s 2012 monsoon season is coming up on September 30th, and don’t think the bugs didn’t take advantage of all the moisture we received. All of this summer monsoon moisture generates the ideal breeding setting for mosquitoes and other dangerous pests. The combination of the rain, the heat, and the humidity offer a perfect environment for insects to thrive and grow around your property.

During the monsoon season, people see a lot of insects they wouldn’t generally see during the other months of the year. When it rains it floods out where they are hiding. They come out to get away from the water, looking for a dry spot.

What Creepy Crawlers Are You More Likely To See In Mesa During The Monsoon Season?

  • The Bark Scorpion is a very widespread and unsafe Mesa pest. These scorpions are always on the lookout for water left by the monsoon rains. They can climb walls and even hang from ceilings and doors. There are actually more scorpions in the Arizona cities then in the desert.
  • Tarantulas can frequently be seen looking for a comfortable hiding place during monsoon season. Our pest control professionals say that they are a definite fright, but not predominantly hazardous. Their venom is no more potent then a bee’s and they will only bite as a final option.
  • The same can be said for the Vinegaroon, a frequent yard occupier.  They look extremely menacing, but are rather quite safe.
  • The West Nile carrying mosquitoes are more rampant during the monsoon season because they lay their eggs in the stagnant water left by the storms. Mosquito dunks are a good way to kill these unwanted disease carriers.
  • The Black Widow spider is the most deadly of the Arizona monsoon pests, and is mostly documented around the house. Watch for her strong sticky web near the ground as she is trying to catch the crickets flushed out by the storms.

Most of these and other pests are not to be taken lightly. If you are seeing any of these unwanted occupants in or around your home, contact a Mesa pest control professional today! 

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Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Black Widow Spider
BlackWidow Black Widow Spider

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