Scorpions Popping Up in Arizona Homes Earlier Than Usual


Scorpions Popping Up in Phoenix-Area Homes Earlier Than Usual This Spring

With all the scorpion activity in Arizona this spring, the public has been hungry for some answers. CBS 5 News jumped on the story early; and when the need answers, they call the Valley’s scorpion experts… They call Bulwark Exterminating!

Spring temperatures in the 90’s, combined with the especially wet winter, has created a perfect breeding conditions for Valley scorpions…. And don’t think Arizona residents haven’t noticed all the extra scorpions. Bulwark Exterminating has seen a jump in scorpion related calls the past few weeks.

In the above news clip, a CBS 5 News camera crew followed one of Bulwark’s scorpion experts on a house treatment.

The Arizona Bark Scorpion

300px Bbasgen scorpion front Scorpions Popping Up in Arizona Homes Earlier Than Usual

The most common scorpion found in Arizona, is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. These scorpions also happen to be the most dangerous. These Bark Scorpions commonly inflict painful stings; some of which can cause unfortunate symptoms or reactions… including death in rare cases.

Arizona Bark scorpions reach lengths of about two inches. They are yellowish-tan in color. They eat insects like crickets and roaches, and enter Arizona homes looking for water. These scorpions are not aggressive, and are actually pretty docile. They sting when they feel threatened… like when you step on them or roll over on top of one while you sleep.

Scorpion Control Phoenix

When CBS 5 News was in need of some expert advice and help dealing with scorpions, they called the best, and so should you. For professional scorpion control, call Bulwark Pest Control today!

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Click the link below to read a transcript of the entire CBS 5 news clip:

Scorpions Popping Up in Phoenix-Area Homes Earlier.




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