First Aid For Scorpion Stings

First Aid Kit 300x225 First Aid For Scorpion StingsIt’s early morning, and it’s still dark outside. The Arizona sun is just starting to rise over the Superstition Mountains. You stumble half awake-half asleep to the bathroom; preparing yourself for the busy day ahead. Just then you feel it! OUCH!

Something stings you! You flip on the bathroom light and reach down to grab your foot. As you do, you notice a small yellow scorpion scurry off.

You’ve been stung! Now what do you do?

Here’s what you need to know about how to handle a scorpion sting:

First Aid For Scorpion Stings

Scorpion Stinger First Aid For Scorpion Stings

When it comes to scorpion stings of adults, treatment is simple and can usually be done at home. Take the following first aid measures if you’ve been stung by a scorpion:


  • Stay calm! The scorpion’s venom is already accelerating your heart rate and blood pressure. No need to add to the already elevated levels.
  • Remove all jewelry! Swelling of the tissue anywhere near the scorpion sting may obstruct blood circulation. Tissues need room to expand (Example: a ring on your finger near a sting on your hand).
  • Gently wash the scorpion sting with soap and warm water.
  • Apply a cold compresses or ice pack to the sting site in intervals of ten minutes on and ten minutes off.
  • Take 1-2 tablets Acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4 hours as needed to alleviate pain. It’s best to steer clear of aspirin and ibuprofen medications after a scorpion sting.
  • In cases of mild insect allergies, Benadryl, EPI Pen, anti-allergy options are available for usage.
  • Antibiotics will do no good unless the sting area becomes infected.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever cut into the wound or apply suction.
  • Elevate the sting area on pillow
  • If you are concerned or are experiencing severe or long lasting symptoms, seek medical attention.


When Should I Seek Medical Attention For A Scorpion Sting?

Emergency Room First Aid For Scorpion Stings

After being stung by a scorpion, you can expect to experience pain, numbness, burning, swelling, discoloration, and even edema. Symptoms can last minutes or days. As with any sting, allergic reactions can occur.

If these reactions persist, or are severe in nature, seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the severity of the sting reaction immediate treatment in an emergency room may be needed.

Most infants, small children and the elderly are especially venerable if they are stung by an Arizona Bark scorpion: the most predominant scorpion here in the East Valley.

If you safely can, bring the scorpion with you to the hospital in a sealed container for proper identification. You may be kept for observation of approximately 24 hours, and be administered a scorpion antivenom.

If you have any questions regarding a scorpion sting, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Mesa Scorpion Control

Scorpion First Aid For Scorpion Stings

If you have been stung by a scorpion in the East Valley, or want to make sure you remain safe from scorpion stings in your East Valley home, seek professional scorpion control.

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