Disgruntled Scorpion At Odds With Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Scorpion Disgruntled Scorpion At Odds With Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was recently voted number one on “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful” list; but this recognition didn’t exclude the politician from the dangers of living in the desert. Senator Flake tweeted out late Wednesday (August 14, 2013) that he had been stung by a scorpion.

Scorpion Stings Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

They say that if you live in the desert long enough, it’s inevitable that you will be stung by a scorpion. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake learned that very truth the hard way, when he was recently stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion; the most venomous and dangerous scorpion species found in the United States. The good Senator tweeted the details late Wednesday night. See for yourself:

Scorpion Sting Jeff Flake Disgruntled Scorpion At Odds With Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Senator Flake’s spokesperson released a statement claiming that the experience was painful, and his left arm was numb, but overall “not a big deal.”

Arizona Bark Scorpions

Arizona Bark Scorpions are the most common pest in Arizona, and they are also the most reviled. They are best described as being just plain creepy. They hide in our shoes and in our bed sheets, and when we least expect it… OUCH! These malevolent arachnids sting, and those stings hurt! Arizona Bark Scorpions are considered to be the most dangerous and most deadly scorpion species in the United States. Senator Flake learned that first hand, as he was stung and his entire left arm went numb. Bark scorpions will come inside our Arizona homes looking for their favorite meal of either a roach or a cricket. They are also drawn to moisture, in need of water just like you and I.

Arizona Scorpion Control

As Arizona Senator Flake can probably attest, being stung by a scorpion is not very fun; despite him playing it off as being no big deal and just a part of desert life. If you are growing tired of this part of desert life, seeing scorpions inside your home than get professional scorpion control in Arizona!

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