Dancing Scorpions

Scorpions are cool… Unless you are an Arizona homeowner who is finding them crawling throughout your house.

Despite this, one cool scorpion characteristic is that a pair of male and female scorpions will perform an elaborate courtship process, which looks like dancing scorpions!

Here’s how it all goes down:

Dancing Scorpion Courtship

Giant Hairy Scorpion Face Dancing Scorpions

It’s a rare thing to see—I’m referring to a scorpion courtship process that entails a pair of scorpions that look like they are learning the tango or salsa. They gracelessly scurry around with their pinchers locked together.

The dancing scorpions are performing a courtship of sorts; a mating courtship. Here is what is really happening:

A male scorpion will leave a packet of sperm behind. His goal is to get a female scorpion to pick it up. The male will grasp the female’s pedipalps or pinchers, and do his best to push her on top of the sperm packet.

It’s a wrestling match-up of sorts, a match that can last for hours. A successful courtship will result in scorpion babies in about six to twelve months.

You can watch the amazing video below:

Video: Scorpion Courtship

Results Of Dancing Scorpion Courtship: Scorpion Babies

scorpionbabies7 Dancing Scorpions

If the scorpion courtship is successful, the female scorpion will carry her young for six months to almost a year. After this gestation period, the female scorpion will then birth live scorpions! As many as 25 scorpions can be in one litter. These young scorplings will be carried on their mother’s back four a couple weeks as they grow and molt. After a couple of weeks, the babies will climb down off their mother and begin lives of their own; living anywhere from three to eight years.

Mesa Scorpion Exterminator

It’s pretty neat to see the scorpion courtship process. It’s also pretty cool to see a scorpion with baby scorpions hitching a ride on their mother’s back. While this is quite the site, it also means that baby scorpions will grow up and have babies of their own. You don’t want your home overrun with stinging scorpions. To eliminate any scorpion problem it’s best to call a Mesa scorpion exterminator!

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