Arizona Ranked As 7th Least Safe State

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Bad news Arizona!

According to a recent report done by WalletHub, our beloved state was ranked as the seventh least safe state in the country. The report compiled data from some 26 different key metrics, including: crime, insurance coverage, traffic accidents, natural disasters, and even took into account the amount of savings in our bank accounts.

Some of the most disturbing trends include: ranking low for the percentage of people who spend more than they make, low ranking in occupational injuries, and low ranking in number of DUI arrests made.

Additionally, Arizona ranked 47/50 for the lowest number of law enforcement employees per capita. Yikes!

The least safe state was Nevada; with this country’s safest state being Massachusetts.

See the safety rankings of each state in order of most safe to least safe, here.

Arizona State Of Affairs 

17th – Number of Climate Disasters (over 1 billion in damage)
23rd – Sex Offenders Per Capita
31st – Assault per Capita
35th – Public Hospital Rankings
35th – Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter per Capita
37th – Percentage of People Who Spend More Than They Make
37th – Percentage of Population Without Health Insurance Coverage
38th – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel
41st – Employer Health Insurance Coverage Rates
50th – Annual Consumer Savings Account Averages

Some Good News 

bulwark service15 Arizona Ranked As 7th Least Safe State

Guess what Arizona? It’s not all bad news. Bulwark Exterminating is here to keep your safe; we’ll safe from dangerous pests that is.

One important thing that can contribute to Arizona’s unsafe conditions are it’s pests. The very dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion and deadly Black Widow Spider are very common throughout the state of Arizona.

Pest control services from Bulwark Exterminating in Mesa, AZ can eliminate the threat of dangerous pests in and around your home.

As for the other unsafe condition plaguing our state, we can only hope some of our legislators can figure a few things out!

Bulwark Pest Control In Mesa 


Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 



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Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

It’s no surprise that anyone looking for adventure should certainly consider America first and foremost as thanks to the country’s 50 separate states there’s something for everyone no matter what you’re into.

White-water-rafting, mountain biking, desert trekking, you name it and the USA has got the lot and even if you fancy a few urban adventures then you’ll find some of the finest cities in the world where you can really go wild and have a truly exciting time.

For most people, having an adventure means being outdoors and in this particular article I’d like to concentrate on Arizona and present some spectacular landscapes and locations where simply being there is pretty much as exciting as it gets.

The Grand Canyon

Hike Grand Canyon 1024x682 Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This is one of the most recognized landmarks in the whole world and no adventure trip to Arizona is complete without exploring the Grand Canyon. Trekking round the South Rim, white-water rafting on the Colorado River and even helicopter flights all add to the excitement value and stepping out onto the Skywalk will no doubt test your nerves to the max.

Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater Flagstaff Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

Located around an hour’s drive from Flagstaff, the Meteor Crater measures around a mile across and if you’re looking for a completely unique outdoor experience in Arizona then look no further. A fantastic interactive visitor center and museum explains more about this amazing hole in the ground and guided tours will take you closer to the stars than you ever thought possible.

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This incredible reservoir can be found along the Arizona border with California and presents almost 20,000 acres of surface water as well as the original London Bridge which was shipped over in the 60′s. Fishing, boating, kayaking and jet-skiing are all possible and retiring to Lake Havasu City for your evening meal is the best way to conclude a perfect day outdoors in Arizona.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain 1024x682 Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

There are no prizes for guessing how Camelback got its name but if you’re looking for a spot of hiking or mountain climbing then you’ll find almost 3000 feet of granite and sandstone to enable you to do both in abundance. Located in Phoenix and promising two excellent hiking trails (Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail) Camelback is heaven on earth for outdoor adventure lovers.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

Situated in the south of the state and containing no end of sand dunes, mountain slopes and untold cacti, Saguaro is exactly what you’re after if you’re exploring Arizona for adventures. With over 150 miles of trekking trail as well as some quintessential images at dusk, this is indeed one of the top places to get away from it all and spend a night under the stars or day under the beating sun.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This fold of the Colorado River can be found near the town of Page and hardly any time at all from the likes of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. If you’re into your natural photography then prepare to be amazed as a trekking trip will take you to the top of a sheer cliff face where the immensity of the Bend can be seen in all its glory.

Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona 

Situated some 7 miles or so from Sedona, within the boundaries of Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park is one of the most visited attractions in Arizona and well-worth your time if you’re in the area. Although the hiking trails aren’t exactly long they do contain some more than impressive views and if you’re in the mood for cider then you’ll find a fully working apple orchard right on site.

Fossil Creek

5186573308 8d36de37dd Awesome Outdoor Adventures In Arizona

This ever-flowing stream can be found near the community of Strawberry in Gila County and is home to many examples of Arizona’s endangered species of animal and plant life. Thanks to the creek’s warm waters, this is an ideal location to take a dip after a hike and there are even a couple of small waterfalls adding to the allure of this awesome outdoor adventure in Arizona.



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Happy Halloween From Bulwark Exterminating

We’re just days away from the scariest holiday of the year. We’d like to wish all our customers, friends and families a very, happy Halloween. Remember to be safe and have lots of fun.

Take a minute to enjoy a new Halloween video. There are ghosts and goblins…and then there is THIS guy!

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Good Year For Tent Caterpillars In Arizona

Caterpillars In Tent Good Year For Tent Caterpillars In Arizona

Good Year for Caterpillar Growth

Caterpillars are a docile, and calm creatures, but in Southern Arizona, they’ve aggressively began to take over the desert. Most caterpillar species are solitary, but tent caterpillars are an exception. They gather in communities and build their white, silky, camps in between tree branches. Each cocoon-like home houses many of the caterpillars, and in Southern Arizona, these little guys have completely taken over in the insect world. The number of tent caterpillar homes all over southern Arizona deserts and forests is astonishing. Scientists say it’s like walking into a “science-fiction movie.” These guys have a strong appetite for tree leaves, and anything green. Many of the local residents have been freaked out and begun to worry about just what this invasion may mean to them and their community.

Resident Thoughts

John Palting of the University Of Arizona Department Of Entomology describes the general feeling among the local residents of Southern Arizona. “A lot of people are creeped out by it – but it’s just caterpillars and a bunch of silk and caterpillar poop.” The white tents also have dark spots in them, which are just caterpillar poop, but all together these silk tents are giving local residents the creepers.

Palting seems quite unbothered by this natural phenomenon but some of the residents have mixed-feelings about the caterpillars and their sci-fi looking homes. “They are kind of cool and kind of creepy, all at the same time,” says Pamela Selby-Harmon, officer in charge of the post office in the mountain village of Summerhaven. She also describes it as “… one of those love-hate relationships. You love the caterpillars, but you don’t like the damage to the trees. But Mother Nature has a lot more going on than we do as far as planning.”

Mother Nature’s Future

Tent Caterpillars Good Year For Tent Caterpillars In Arizona

How will the unusual amounts of caterpillars and their tents affect the environment? Only Mother Nature knows for sure, but Palting shares his thoughts on how the environment will deal with this “sci-fi” situation.

“The tents will probably break down with the summer rains and be pretty much gone by mid-summer.” For other wildlife, “the population generally means that the parasites will also have a good year and take the population back down. Such are the checks and balances of nature,” he says.

In regards to Madame Selby-Harmon’s concerns about the trees, Palting states, he “[hasn't] seen it where they kill a tree. They take the first crop of leaves, and the trees leaf out again.” So thankful it looks like the trees may survive the invasion.

So thankfully Mother Nature seems to have this caterpillar invasion under control, and it looks like there will not be an apocalypse anytime soon for fellow residents of southern Arizona.

Author Bio:  is a journalism student and blogger for Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service. When I’m not playing with my two adorable nieces, I’m on the tennis court chasing that little green ball around.

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Beat The Heat: Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer has not yet begun and already some areas of the country are feeling the heat normally reserved for a mid-summer heat wave. While the warm air is a welcome change after the cold winter months, heat is only good in doses and you need to do what you can to keep your home and yourself cool this summer. Too much heat for you can lead to serious health problems and working your air conditioner units too hard can cause your electric bill to be bad for your health as well. Here are some ways to keep it cool this summer.

2098931732 e748615068 Beat The Heat: Keeping Cool This Summer

DO NOT Let the Sunshine In!

Whenever you see those home decorating shows they are always going on and on about how great it is to have all of this natural light, but what exactly is wrong with some light bulbs, huh? You actually want to keep the sun out of your home as much as possible during the day when it is really hot out, according to Real Simple. Install blinds that are white on the window side to deflect the sun away from your home and close your curtains, this can reduce the amount of heat coming into your home from the sun by as much as 45 percent.

Know When to Splash and When to Sit

The summer is full of fun outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy. On a hot summer day you can get out and go splash in the pool or head over to your favorite water park. A word of caution, however, is that you need to know when hot turns into too hot. Sometimes there is such a thing as being too hot outside, and although the sun may be shining it may be best to stay indoors, especially if you have children or elderly family members to think about—the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some tips for keeping these family members safe.

So what are you to do when it is too hot for fun in the sun? One idea is to just stay in your home (that is all shielded from the sun, as we discussed earlier) and have a movie day. You could also look for indoor activities that still get you out of the house such as indoor water parks, museums, and shopping malls.

3574323371 cc3c2a6045 Beat The Heat: Keeping Cool This Summer

Love Your AC

Your air conditioner units need some TLC now and again and the summertime is the best time to show your gratitude. After all, when does your AC work harder? Real Simple explains that you should be sure to either clean or replace the filters once a month during the summer months. Also, have the unit checked for leaks in the ducts because this can decrease the efficiency of the AC as much as 15 percent, and you don’t want that!

Keeping cool this summer both in your home and when you are outdoors will keep your energy costs down and keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Featured images:

Ashely is a new writer that loves the summer and writing about home improvements. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985.

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Landscape Options For Desert Living

Arizona Cactus Landscape Landscape Options For Desert Living

Living in a desert environment does not mean a beautiful garden cannot be attained as there are many different ways to complement and cultivate plants in a hot environment. The most common would be to add plants like cactus but there are many other options like Mauna Loa which has a beautiful pink hue. To add more colors like these the hybrid Trichocereus can also produce a daisy looking pink flower that would be a lovely combo with the Mauna Loa outside of a patio or garden area.

Make Your Home Unique With Desert Landscaping

Using one’s imagination when decorating the exterior of one’s home can be a really fun process. Professional decorators love to accent these spaces with lots of color to bring out the environments natural beauty. From overhanging trees to well built structures that can provide shade makes the ideal setting for hanging out by the pool during hot summer days and nights. Some use landscaping bricks to enhance the surrounding areas to lighten up the color scheme especially if it is done with earth tones. This can create a really welcoming and warm scheme and provide the grounds with a very comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Adding accessories like an outdoor kitchen can be one of the best investments that only increases the property values and inspires more bonding time with family and friends.

Water Effects & Lighting

Adding the serene effects of cascading water to one’s environment can create such a flavorful ambiance even with desert living. Soft lighting and candles are always a favorite for outdoor ambiance as entertaining on warm or cool summer nights can be a great way to start off the weekend. Homeowners also like to add fire pits or built in fireplaces to their outdoor environment for those social get togethers like birthdays or anniversaries.

Seeking the services of a professional landscaper could be a great investment in time and energies especially if one had a larger area of ground to cover. These seasoned professionals can locate the right areas to plant or expand the grounds and provide a more lush and lively environment for foliage to grow. Some like to have rock formations that surround the beautiful and fragrant lavender as well as cacti to build a natural and alluring landscape. Asking for a recent portfolio complete with detailed pictures should give one an idea of what kind of work this firm can supply. This is highly recommended and should be done prior to enlisting any landscaper to complete the job.

Proper Maintenance Is A Must

A professional maintenance crew is very inexpensive and can be a real blessing in disguise especially during the hot summer weather. Many homeowners like to decorate their pathways with terracotta tiles or stone to create a more earth tone feel. A low maintenance style is one of the most popular due to the extensive heat and cool evenings in a desert environment. This is a very wise choice and an effective move to keep the grounds in tip top shape and also to maintain a fantastic ambiance for friends and family to enjoy.

About the Author: Tucson Landscape Design specialist, The Garden Gate provides landscape design, installation and maintenance to some of Tucson’s most prestigious homes and businesses.  Their northwest Tucson showroom is your first stop when you’re looking for free landscaping ideas and advice.

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