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Female Pest Tech Gilbert ExterminatorArizona is home to many beautiful cities. There is one city that has a small town feel but is still right in the middle of the valley. Gilbert, AZ has a population of about 222,000, and is very alive with entertainment. Downtown Gilbert is very much like a small town, with only a hand full of places to eat, but each restaurant is full of different foods, and events.

The location of Gilbert is only a couple of minutes from big city events, and a couple hours from the mountains. Gilbert’s weather is amazing year round, jumping in the pool in the summer or walking the dog in shorts in the winter. The weather in Gilbert will pose a problem though… It doesn’t get cold enough to kill the pests. Pests love the weather in Gilbert, and if not exterminated will infest your home.

What pests are found in Gilbert? 

There are many different types of pests that will live in Gilbert. Many of these pests can be found both inside and outside of your home.  The main pests found are crickets, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, ants, silverfish, and scorpions. These pests can be very annoying, and even deadly if not exterminated.

Who will exterminate these pests? 

There are many exterminators in Gilbert that will treat your home, but you need one that will take care of the pests and keep you and your family safe. Choosing an exterminator can be hard and take a lot of time so here are some helpful tips.

Look for an exterminator that will do this when they are exterminating your home:

On the outside of the home 

  • Treat using a power prayer
  • Treat around the windows and doors
  • Treat the bushes and plants
  • Bait for ants if any
  • Take any webs down

On the inside of the home 

  • Treat around windows and doors
  • Treat in corners of rooms
  • Treat under sinks
  • Treat the inside the walls of the home

Doing this kind of treatment will insure you and your family are safe, and that your home is protected from an infestation.

Gilbert Exterminators

Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 
Bulwark Exterminating
10401 N 91st Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 572-3016 
2400 West Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(623) 688-1885 

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Arizona Ranked As 7th Least Safe State

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Bad news Arizona!

According to a recent report done by WalletHub, our beloved state was ranked as the seventh least safe state in the country. The report compiled data from some 26 different key metrics, including: crime, insurance coverage, traffic accidents, natural disasters, and even took into account the amount of savings in our bank accounts.

Some of the most disturbing trends include: ranking low for the percentage of people who spend more than they make, low ranking in occupational injuries, and low ranking in number of DUI arrests made.

Additionally, Arizona ranked 47/50 for the lowest number of law enforcement employees per capita. Yikes!

The least safe state was Nevada; with this country’s safest state being Massachusetts.

See the safety rankings of each state in order of most safe to least safe, here.

Arizona State Of Affairs 

17th – Number of Climate Disasters (over 1 billion in damage)
23rd – Sex Offenders Per Capita
31st – Assault per Capita
35th – Public Hospital Rankings
35th – Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter per Capita
37th – Percentage of People Who Spend More Than They Make
37th – Percentage of Population Without Health Insurance Coverage
38th – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel
41st – Employer Health Insurance Coverage Rates
50th – Annual Consumer Savings Account Averages

Some Good News 

bulwark service15 Arizona Ranked As 7th Least Safe State

Guess what Arizona? It’s not all bad news. Bulwark Exterminating is here to keep your safe; we’ll safe from dangerous pests that is.

One important thing that can contribute to Arizona’s unsafe conditions are it’s pests. The very dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion and deadly Black Widow Spider are very common throughout the state of Arizona.

Pest control services from Bulwark Exterminating in Mesa, AZ can eliminate the threat of dangerous pests in and around your home.

As for the other unsafe condition plaguing our state, we can only hope some of our legislators can figure a few things out!

Bulwark Pest Control In Mesa 


Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 



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Pest Control Chandler, AZ

Most people will come to Chandler, AZ to visit sites like the Chandler Fashion Center, Firebird Raceway, and Chandler Center of the Arts. People will also visit Chandler for the warm weather year round. Chandler’s average temperature is about 70 degrees during the winter. With this warm weather Chandler will see an influx of snowbirds every year; additionally, it will also see an infestation of pests every year too.

What pests live in Chandler?

Misc Pests 1024x1024 Pest Control Chandler, AZ

Since Chandler never sees a drop in temperature below 32 degrees for months at a time, pests will survive here very easily. Some of the pests that live in Chandler are crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, silverfish, and most feared… scorpions!

Where will pests live on the outside of a home?

bulwark service8 Pest Control Chandler, AZ

The majority of these pests will live on the outside of the home. Some pests will hide under rocks, in the fence, and around pool equipment; but the main source of pests will come from the plants and bushes. The plants and bushes will give the pest both a food and a water supply. If the plants don’t get treated, the pest problem will only get worse. To treat plants and bushes they need to be granulated. The granules will let off a product that will exterminate any of the pests trying to live in the bushes.

Where do pest live on the inside of a home?

Most pests that are seen on the inside of a home will come from the walls of the home. The walls will provide protection from the harsh environment from the outside, and will also protect the pest eggs capsules. To really control the pests inside the walls, an in wall treatment most be performed. To do an in wall treatment the faceplates are taken off the outlets and a product is place inside the walls. This product will exterminate any pest living inside.

How do you prevent pests from getting into the walls?

Pests will feel the cool breeze coming from the walls of the home. The pest will then try to get in to the walls through small holes all around the base of the home. To ensure that pests will not infest the walls of the home, a power spray will need to be done around the home’s foundation. A power sprayer has three benefits. The first is it will place a strong barrier around the whole home. Second, it will be able to get under rocks. And last, a power sprayer will have the pressure to penetrate into the soil. This will need to be done on a regular base to control the pests.

How do you find a good pest control company?

bulwark service16 Pest Control Chandler, AZ

Looking at the reviews done by real costumers online will help. These reviews will tell you if a pest control company is doing a proper treatment. A proper treatment will be followed up by happy costumers. Happy costumers will then write good reviews about the company. On the flipside, if a poor treatment is done poor reviews will be written. Look on Google, Yelp, and Family Own Pest Control to see how companies stack up.

Chandler, AZ Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 
Bulwark Exterminating
10401 N 91st Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 572-3016 
2400 West Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(623) 688-1885 

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Attention Roaches! Stay Away From My Donut!


Fact. Cockroaches love eating food that are sugary, sweet, and starchy in nature.

Fact. Once a roach eats food found in your kitchen, they barf it back up, and then eat it again and again.

Fact. Roaches carry microbes on their bodies that are spread to your food.

Fact. These microbes are known for causing food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, parasitic worms.

Fact. These roaches can cause allergy and asthma symptoms.

Fact. You don’t want to share your food with roaches!

Fact. The most effective way to combat a cockroach infestation is with professional cockroach control from Bulwark Exterminating!

Bulwark Exterminating Attention Roaches! Stay Away From My Donut!

Call Bulwark Exterminating Today


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Mesa Ants

Mesa, Arizona has some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in the United States. Mesa also has some of the best weather year round. The weather will also bring a lot of ants in to your yard. 

Red Fire Ants Mesa Ants

What types of ants are in Mesa? 

Mesa commonly has two different ants; Pavement ants and Argentine ants.

What does the Pavement Ant look like and what does it like to eat? 

The Pavement Ant is a shinny black ant and will range in size from 1/10 to 1/8 of an inch. Inside the home, the Pavement ant will eat greases, pet foods, and a lot of different sweet materials. Outside the home the Pavement ant will eat fruits and the sweet honeydew produced by aphids.

Sidewalk Ants Mesa Ants

What does the Pavement Ant do? 

The Pavement ant will build their colony under concrete, and pavement. You can see colonies pop up around the sidewalks, the drive ways, and areas where the grass and the house meet. Pavement ants can house around 3,000 to 4,000 ants in their colony. When the colony is disturbed hundreds of Pavement ants will come out at a time. Pavement ant’s bites will hurt but do not pose a health risk.

What does the Argentine ant look like and what does it like to eat? 

Argentine ants are about 1/16 of an inch to ¼ of an inch in length.  The coloring of the Argentine ant will be a dark brown or black, and they are also shiny. Argentine ants will eat almost anything including: eggs, meat, and oil. The Argentine ant will leave a pheromone trial everywhere they go. This will help the ants to not waste time as they look for food.

Argentine Ants Mesa Ants

What does the Argentine Ant do?

Argentine ant’s colonies are located near their food sources, in wet environments.  They can be found in gardens, and back yards. Argentine ant’s colonies can grow to monumental sizes, covering a whole back yard or garden. Argentine ant bites will hurt, but they will not create any health threats.

What can you do if you find a colony of ants? 

Argentine ants and Pavement ants can be killed using baits. The ants will take the bait back to their colony, and it will kill the whole colony. When you bait an area, watch and see where the ants are making trails; then place the baits in that area. If your home is infested with these ants it would be best to call a professional pest control company.  The ant professional will be able to find the colony and attack it with the right baits, and the right products.

Mesa Ant Control

Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 
Bulwark Exterminating
10401 N 91st Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 572-3016 
2400 West Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(623) 688-1885 

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First Aid For Scorpion Stings

First Aid Kit 300x225 First Aid For Scorpion StingsIt’s early morning, and it’s still dark outside. The Arizona sun is just starting to rise over the Superstition Mountains. You stumble half awake-half asleep to the bathroom; preparing yourself for the busy day ahead. Just then you feel it! OUCH!

Something stings you! You flip on the bathroom light and reach down to grab your foot. As you do, you notice a small yellow scorpion scurry off.

You’ve been stung! Now what do you do?

Here’s what you need to know about how to handle a scorpion sting:

First Aid For Scorpion Stings

Scorpion Stinger First Aid For Scorpion Stings

When it comes to scorpion stings of adults, treatment is simple and can usually be done at home. Take the following first aid measures if you’ve been stung by a scorpion:


  • Stay calm! The scorpion’s venom is already accelerating your heart rate and blood pressure. No need to add to the already elevated levels.
  • Remove all jewelry! Swelling of the tissue anywhere near the scorpion sting may obstruct blood circulation. Tissues need room to expand (Example: a ring on your finger near a sting on your hand).
  • Gently wash the scorpion sting with soap and warm water.
  • Apply a cold compresses or ice pack to the sting site in intervals of ten minutes on and ten minutes off.
  • Take 1-2 tablets Acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4 hours as needed to alleviate pain. It’s best to steer clear of aspirin and ibuprofen medications after a scorpion sting.
  • In cases of mild insect allergies, Benadryl, EPI Pen, anti-allergy options are available for usage.
  • Antibiotics will do no good unless the sting area becomes infected.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever cut into the wound or apply suction.
  • Elevate the sting area on pillow
  • If you are concerned or are experiencing severe or long lasting symptoms, seek medical attention.


When Should I Seek Medical Attention For A Scorpion Sting?

Emergency Room First Aid For Scorpion Stings

After being stung by a scorpion, you can expect to experience pain, numbness, burning, swelling, discoloration, and even edema. Symptoms can last minutes or days. As with any sting, allergic reactions can occur.

If these reactions persist, or are severe in nature, seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the severity of the sting reaction immediate treatment in an emergency room may be needed.

Most infants, small children and the elderly are especially venerable if they are stung by an Arizona Bark scorpion: the most predominant scorpion here in the East Valley.

If you safely can, bring the scorpion with you to the hospital in a sealed container for proper identification. You may be kept for observation of approximately 24 hours, and be administered a scorpion antivenom.

If you have any questions regarding a scorpion sting, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Mesa Scorpion Control

Scorpion First Aid For Scorpion Stings

If you have been stung by a scorpion in the East Valley, or want to make sure you remain safe from scorpion stings in your East Valley home, seek professional scorpion control.

Bulwark Exterminating
1228 East Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 969-7474 
Bulwark Exterminating
10401 N 91st Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 572-3016 
2400 West Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(623) 688-1885 

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Pests! Why You Can’t Keep Them Off

It seems like pests never run out of ways to invade our houses, no matter how much effort we’ve put into keeping them off. They just won’t go away. Then we become apathetic until such time when these vermin carry out another heinous crime after days or weeks of hiding and plotting. After causing more problems, we again turn our attention to conquering them. After executing measures to get rid of them, they lay low for a while, and back again. They’re an awful bunch of attentions-seekers and trouble-makers. This cycle has to stop.

There are reasons why we’re not reaping the expected results of our labor in driving away these annoying critters and it’s mostly from our own errors and indecisions. Read on, and realize where you could be at fault.

9160439606 b09eb157cf o Pests! Why You Cant Keep Them Off

Yes, you’re doing everything—but are you doing things right?

You are fiercely holding on to a can of pesticide ruthlessly spraying its content into almost all places possible. You’re carried away. Hold your grudges and carefully plan your moves. Just like how these creatures must be strategizing their attacks, you as a human being naturally gifted with logic must plan out your actions well.

Do you know what kind of pesticide you’re holding? Do you really need it? What chemical would kill a rat, possum, cockroach, or spider? Are you killing them or sending them away for good or only temporarily?

It’s not enough to hate your enemies; know them well too. This is how you successfully stop them from bugging you, your family, and your house.

You can’t change your habits and routines

Maybe one or two of your daily routines you thought are “okay” and “normal” have actually been keeping pests attracted to your home, especially to places you don’t want them to be in.

For instance, you’re fond of bringing food to your bedroom. Even if you do clean up after, scraps of food may remain, causing rats, ants, or cockroaches to rummage around the area. Do not leave or store leftover food anywhere; and never leave spoiled food hanging around for long, throw them right away in the proper place. Wash eating and cooking utensils right away after using, and regularly clean your kitchen. Never leave your kitchen or dining area messy, and always store food in the fridge or anywhere out of these creatures’ reach. Another is, leaving trash bins uncovered or letting trash stay in for long. You know pests love trash cans, so don’t let it linger inside your house, even at your lawn.

As much as possible, leave your outdoor footwear outside the house to keep dirt and moisture off your floor. Remove any stagnant water in or around your house to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Improper lighting, especially at night, also contributes to pest proliferation in your house.

There are lots of things you may be doing innocently that are making your home pest prevention efforts futile. Change your habits now, unless you really love inviting pests in.

You’re not leaving it to the experts

Some pest issues don’t get solved by a can of pesticide. You need help from the experts. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. In fact, there are things you just can’t do on your own.

1. Your biggest asset is probably your home. Termites can cause serious damage in a short time thus the devaluing of the property.

2. Termites can penetrate the brickwork of your home below ground level giving no clues to their presence. That is why it is important to have your termite inspections carried out with wall, floor and ceiling penetrating radar.

Hire an exterminator. Better yet, hire the right one. Look for a trusted pest control company that can give you the kind of pest prevention service you need. Maybe you’re worried of your termite-infested walls, or the cockroach population inside your home is really getting out of control. Then go get help from the experts on termite inspection and pest eradication. Why stress yourself out too much? Leave the burden to the ones who are willing and capable, and you’ll see the difference.


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5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

It doesn’t seem to matter how clean the house and yard are, I always see a bug or two. After my dog was bit by something near his eye, I decided to do some serious research on how to avoid that happening to him again, or worse, to one of the kids! Here are some tips I found from talking with other moms, some professionals and doing a little reading of my own.

1. Duck tape that scorpion

Scorpion Pliers 5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

I don’t get too many scorpions around my neighborhood, but I thought it’d be a great thing to know how to deal with them just in case I ever ran across one.
Scorpions can sting even after they are dead, so disposing of the body can be just as ‘risky’ as trying to kill it. If you can kill them safely (smashing hard with a thick boot, for example), do so, but do not pick it up with your bare hands or with a thin tissue.

It was recommended by professional exterminator to use the sticky side of duck tape to pick them up. Then, be sure to put the scorpion in a place that small children or pets cannot get to. Try to flush it down a toilet (if the bundle is small enough to flush) or toss it into the big outside trashcan or dumpster, as opposed to the kitchen garbage where curious children or puppies can reach.

If you are interested, I found a place that will actually sends out free scorpion traps. Just fill out the information below:


* indicates required field

2. Watch out around sources of water

spider near dock 5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

When I vented my frustration of finding bugs in my clean house, I was made aware of an interesting fact. Sure, bugs are attracted to food left on the ground, but more so to sources of water. That was what was leading insects to my house. I have watered grass, a pool, and a house full of water sources and plants that are regularly watered.

My dog, who loves sticking his face in my bushes, very likely was bit when he disturbed an insect that made its home near the plant bed’s water source! Lesson to learn from here: be extra aware around sources of water.

Tip: If you have to move a plant, do some gardening or work around a pool or fountain, wear some think gloves and be extra cautious!

3. If you move it, wear gloves!

tracker with web 5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

If there is a pile of wood or a plank that has been sitting for more than a few hours in a single spot, make sure you wear a pair of thick gloves if you have to move it. Insects tend to gravitate towards organic material (which, unfortunately, our homes are made of!). If you have tools that are in dark sheds for weeks, watch for bugs, especially spiders, when you go to move it. Dark, quiet, undisturbed areas are ideal spots for creepy crawlies to hide.

The scary thing is that some of these creepy crawlies bite! Make sure that the children you’re your spouse know to be wary when moving things that have been in one spot for a while: pool toys that were stored all winter, tools and garden supplies, even an outside dog bowl can be known to attract insects under it.

4. Use a light!

spider web in dark 5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

Usually, insects are most active at night. If you absolutely must go in a dark area, make sure you have footwear on and use a light! For particularly scorpion heavy areas, a portable black light flashlight is very handy. There is a substance in their exoskeleton that will glow under a black light.

Either way, make sure you illuminate the places you go at night, especially where you place your hands and feet. Watch out for spider webs, as well, as the spiders are active and hunting at night. You don’t want to get bit in the face by a spider on the web you walked through!

5. Exterminate on a regular basis.

scorpion with babies 1024x682 5 Tips On How To Avoid Bug Bites Around The House

Many people, including myself, only exterminate once or twice a year, if that. After doing some research, I learned that the products that professional companies use only last about 60 days and the stuff found in the stores, last even less time. Many times, that is not enough time to take care all the bugs and any eggs that might have been laid.

There are also many species of bugs that, once inside the home, will hide within the walls of the house. They may stay there weeks or months without leaving. If you spray around your home and the insects do not venture out within the 60 day window, you may miss hundreds of little critters hiding just out of site.

Tip: find a company that will do regular pest control services on a monthly or bimonthly basis. It would be ideal if the company you choose does an in wall treatment, as well extensive inside and outside treatments.

Avoiding bug bites around the house is not as difficult a task as one might think. It is just a matter of taking a more proactive approach and becoming more vigilant until you can find a pest company that can eliminate those biting pests.

Author Bio:  is an aspiring novelist, with books in the works for both children and adults. While away from the computer, she enjoys running and doing yoga. She is also rediscovering her joy of swimming and biking and has a couple sprint triathlon races in sight.

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Creepy-Crawly Health Threats And Where They Often Hide Inside Your Home

It is repulsive to see insects crawling out of your kitchen or bathroom sink. Although this may seem like a scene from a horror movie, it is actually a common occurrence in real life. A number of homeowners experience this type of problem, which can really make the skin crawl. So, why are insects and other harmful creatures living in your drain pipes? Are these creepy crawlies drawn to other areas inside your home as well? Why and where?

Factors That Attract Animals to a House

A variety of bugs, as well as rodents, often find themselves living in your home because of three main factors – food, shelter and warmth. They will be drawn to the scent of food from inside your home, and they’ll get to anything that’s uncovered. They’ll even rummage through your garbage. Some animals don’t eat the same thing that you do. What they prefer is you or your pet, which is the case with blood-sucking pests, such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Animals that have also been displaced from their homes might move in to yours, while others seek a place that’s protected from the elements. This is why it’s very important to bug-proof your house.

Harmful Creatures In Your Home

Some insects are just a nuisance, but others could endanger your health. Bugs that you should watch out for include -

o Mosquitoes - These insects are tiny but they can transmit very dangerous disease-causing organisms, such as those that cause dengue hemorrhagic fever, malaria, and many types of encephalitis. These minute bloodsucking beasts find their way inside your home via open doors and windows and are most abundant in places where there is stagnant water. Watch out for them in bathrooms and kitchens. But they could fly anywhere while looking for prey.

o Fleas and Ticks - An infested dog can bring fleas and ticks inside your home. You might also unknowingly bring these inside your house after being in the woods. Ticks can cause many serious illnesses, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, while fleas can bring about the following diseases – murine typhus, anemia, and the plague. Kill fleas and ticks inside your home. Also, maintain your backyard well to deter these pests from hanging around your property.

2527099588 3d41526f9c Creepy Crawly Health Threats And Where They Often Hide Inside Your Home

o Cockroaches - These creatures are the ones that often come out of kitchen or bathroom drain pipes. Roaches inhabit sewers and compost pits, and they can spread all sorts of organisms, including E. coli and salmonella, and worsen allergies. These critters are also very hard to totally eradicate, especially if they are already established in your drainage system or sewage. If scenes of horror movies are unfolding right in front of you because of roaches creeping out of your pipes, drains or sinks, consult experts. Team Electric Plumbing professionals say that they can help you update your drainage system to minimize future problems. This is important because a well-maintained plumbing system can help discourage roaches, as well as other dreadful pests, like rats, mice, and flies.

o Spiders and Scorpions - These arachnids are harmful creatures because they can sting and inject venom into your system. Generally, their poison won’t harm humans. However, their venom could be poisonous and life-threatening to very young children, the elderly, and adults that are very sensitive to insect stings. You’ll often find them in attics and basements. Spiders also like to hide inside boxes, laundry, and shoes.

Other areas where you’ll often find pesky bugs are – inside neglected pantries or cupboards, in closets or drawers, in garages, in trash cans or recycling bins, in attics, in walls, and in baseboards. Be wary of insects because not only are they a nuisance, but they can also threaten your health.

Featured images:

Claire Willows is a freelance writer. Through her blogs, she shares her experiences regarding her DIY and home management projects.

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Dancing Scorpions

Scorpions are cool… Unless you are an Arizona homeowner who is finding them crawling throughout your house.

Despite this, one cool scorpion characteristic is that a pair of male and female scorpions will perform an elaborate courtship process, which looks like dancing scorpions!

Here’s how it all goes down:

Dancing Scorpion Courtship

Giant Hairy Scorpion Face Dancing Scorpions

It’s a rare thing to see—I’m referring to a scorpion courtship process that entails a pair of scorpions that look like they are learning the tango or salsa. They gracelessly scurry around with their pinchers locked together.

The dancing scorpions are performing a courtship of sorts; a mating courtship. Here is what is really happening:

A male scorpion will leave a packet of sperm behind. His goal is to get a female scorpion to pick it up. The male will grasp the female’s pedipalps or pinchers, and do his best to push her on top of the sperm packet.

It’s a wrestling match-up of sorts, a match that can last for hours. A successful courtship will result in scorpion babies in about six to twelve months.

You can watch the amazing video below:

Video: Scorpion Courtship

Results Of Dancing Scorpion Courtship: Scorpion Babies

scorpionbabies7 Dancing Scorpions

If the scorpion courtship is successful, the female scorpion will carry her young for six months to almost a year. After this gestation period, the female scorpion will then birth live scorpions! As many as 25 scorpions can be in one litter. These young scorplings will be carried on their mother’s back four a couple weeks as they grow and molt. After a couple of weeks, the babies will climb down off their mother and begin lives of their own; living anywhere from three to eight years.

Mesa Scorpion Exterminator

It’s pretty neat to see the scorpion courtship process. It’s also pretty cool to see a scorpion with baby scorpions hitching a ride on their mother’s back. While this is quite the site, it also means that baby scorpions will grow up and have babies of their own. You don’t want your home overrun with stinging scorpions. To eliminate any scorpion problem it’s best to call a Mesa scorpion exterminator!

Bulwark Exterminating
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Bulwark Exterminating
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