Arizona Blonde Tarantulas: Are They Dangerous?

Arizona Blonde Tarantula Arizona Blonde Tarantulas: Are They Dangerous?

In the Arizona desert, there is a wide variety of bugs and creepy crawlies. The tarantula is definitely a common arachnid in Arizona with 30 species known to plaque the land. One of the most common tarantulas is the Arizona Blonde tarantula.

The Arizona Blonde Tarantula

The Arizona blonde tarantula (also referred to as the Mexican blonde tarantula or western desert tarantula) is commonly seen during the summer months and rainy season of the year. It is a solitary tarantula, and the males will usually only emerge from their burrow to find a mate. Females are rarely seen out of their burrow. The male will die shortly after mating, if the female lets him live!

Tarantulas defend themselves with their venomous fangs and irritating hairs. In addition to a venomous bite, this arachnid can also brush some of its hairs on its predator. They are very difficult to remove and extremely irritating for all kinds of enemies. Despite these defensive skills, tarantulas can still be preyed upon by birds, lizards, snakes, wasps, and others.

Are Arizona Blonde Tarantulas Dangerous?

Arizona residents may have seen a Arizona blonde tarantula roaming around their property from time to time, and were left wondering if these ugly spiders are dangerous. Well rest assure, these spiders do not pose any significant threat to Arizona residents. While these tarantulas are venomous, their venom is not all that potent. These tarantulas do have the capability to bite humans, but this rarely happens. Arizona blonde tarantulas are very mild mannered and docile spiders. It’s for this very reason many people keep them as pets.

The only thing Arizona residents need to worry about when it comes to the Arizona Blonde tarantula is that they have protective hairs that can irritate other attackers, animals, and yes people’s skin.

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