Africanized Bees on Attack in Arizona!

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

A 4 year old Glendale, AZ girl is being dubbed a hero today after likely saving her grandmother’s life. Whitney Chrisman was watching television Tuesday morning when she noticed her Grandma Betty, outside, being attacked by a swarm of Africanized “killer” bees. Upon noticing the attack, little Whitney got help by pressing her grandma’s life-line call button.

“I talked to this thing that talked… I told her that grandma needed help,” she says. “They said help is on the way.”

Grandma Betty is in critical condition in an intensive care unit recovering from numerous stings all over her entire body. The facial stings were so bad they turned her mouth and tongue black.

The Africanized bees came from a beekeeper next door, who was illegally running a commercial business from his home. It took firefighter multiple hours to get the bee situation under control.

What Makes Africanized Bees So Dangerous?

  • Follow victims up to 440 yards, while honeybees will only follow for 50 yards
  • Ten times more likely to instigate an attack
  • Very quick to swarm
  • Very aggressive
  • Attack in greater numbers
  • More easily irritated
  • Only known way to stop an attack is to run through a corn field
  • When attacking, they prefer mouths, throats, ears, and noses

The only way to tell the difference between Africanized bees, and common European honeybees, is through molecular analysis. If you are having trouble with bees of any kind, contact your local pest control professional immediately!

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Is it a spider? Is it a scorpion? What is it?

300px Paraphrynus sobre el m%C3%A1rmol Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?

Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?

These were a few questions I found myself asking last week when an elusive Tailless Whip Scorpion made its way into the office. One of the technicians was out on a service job when he caught the mysterious arachnid and brought it in for further observation. It currently sets in a terrarium on my boss’s desk where we feed it crickets and watch how it behaves behaviors.

As my boss let the Whip Scorpion crawl up and down his arm during while being interviewed by a local news station, I wondered to myself, “What exactly is a Tailless Whip Scorpion?” and “Are they Safe?”

What Is It?

Most of us here in Mesa, AZ are well versed in most arachnids. We encounter spiders and scorpions all the time. One arachnid we rarely come across is the less famous Tailless Whip Scorpion. They are common in the southwest United States, and parts of northern Mexico. These Tailless Whip Scorpions walk sideways on their six legs, and are very good climbers. They lack the rear stinger that most of us Arizonans have grown a custom to on the scorpions we regularly see. They do have pedipalps, or pinchers, that they use to capture their prey. Like other spiders and scorpions, Whip Scorpions dine primarily on other insects.

Are They Safe?

Tailless Whip Scorpions are safe to humans. They can use their pedipalps to defend themselves if needed, but rarely ever feel threatened. If you can get past their disturbing appearance, they are actually safe to hold and touch. They are non-venomous, but can spray an acidic enzyme that is primarily used to stun its prey.

Other Scorpions ARE Dangerous!

300px ScorpionBarb Is it a spider?  Is it a scorpion? What is it?
English: Closeup (macrograph) of the barb of an Arizona Bark Scorpion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unlike the Tailless Whip Scorpion, other types of scorpions found here in Arizona should be considered very dangerous. If you are finding these scorpions in and around your property, contact a local pest control professional today!

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