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In two days I have found two scorpions in my home. One in the kitchen sink and one one the tile floor. They are bigger than the ones I have seen before out here. I have two small pets…

- Alexis | Mesa, AZ 85042

Scorpions are on the move, but it’s no surprise. Scorpions are always hyper active in the fall. It’s scorpion mating and birthing season. In fact you may find a mother scorpion carrying around a hundred or so baby scorpions. Just dropping them off as she moves, and wherever she moves. I guess its time to increase your scorpion protection.

Need scorpion control. Our home is infested. What are the steps you take. What are the products you use? What is your price? I prefer email. – Terri | Mesa, AZ 85234

What can you do to combat scorpions?

1- Pest Control Service - A regular pest control treatment with the right products is the best barrier you can have. The University of Arizona has found that certain products are effective in residual scorpion control.

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Bulwark scorpion control service Scorpion Control   Mesa Scorpions Booming!

2- Scorpion Seals – In extreme cases it may be recommended that homeowners do a scorpion home seal.  Scorpion seals can impede scorpions from entering a home by blocking cracks and openings that scorpions use to enter bathrooms, cabinets, light fixtures, and closets.  However, the walls of a home are meant to breath, to release moisture so that mold and decay don’t attack your home.  Therefore, its not wise to attempt to completely seal a home.  Further, scorpions can easily enter in any crack 1/18th of inch or wider. It is not realistic to expect all your doors and windows to close every crack a scorpion and slip through.  So a scorpion seal is only an added layer of protection, that again, only impedes or slows a scorpion’s assault.

3- Scorpion Traps – Probably the easiest step in preventing scorpions are simple pest control glue boards.  Scorpions stick to corners as they are nearly blind.  Placing a few of these scorpion traps in the corners will help immensely.

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Scorpion Horror Story -

I have a 2nd home in SE Arizona east of Tombstone in Gleeson Arizona. I need help as I have had a scorpion outbreak recently and I have been stung! Can I apply your product myself as I am thinking it would be too costly for you to come and visit my location? Thanks for your help!

John W.  | Arizona 85610

John, the best recommendation we have for Do – It – Yourself Pest control is Joe’s at  Hopefully you can get rid of them before they sting you again.  OUCH!  Let us know how it goes.

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